A Future Without God

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“…and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

Fear of the unknown is something that many of us have succumbed to at one point. This fear sometimes kicks in when you finish uni and have been job searching for a few months, or when it hits you that you’ve been single for the past five years and the next five years may follow the same pattern. It may show up after losing a loved one and not knowing how you’re supposed to cope without them, or when your monthly pay isn’t covering your monthly expenditures.

Quote from The Shack
Quote from The Shack – our current read

I understand why the response to an unknown future would be fear and anxiety; there have been many times when they have been a response of my own, but the woman in Proverbs 31 laughs without fear of the future and that must be because she has understood that God is in her future so there is no reason to fear.

He has gone before us; He knows what’s coming and has made provisions for it. Reminding yourself that He won’t leave nor forsake you in both the present and the future means that no matter what may, you are not facing it alone. Why fear when our loving Father has written our stories and has promised to perfect that which concerns us, to provide, to comfort and to guide? No matter what may come negate fear by remembering that your future is in His hands. So the next time your imagination leads you to the future and you begin conjuring up the worst, remember that God is there and He is more than able to help you through it.

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