Inner Musings

    Prepare Your Heart for the End of the Year

    Inner Musings, The Journey

    The closer to the end of the year we get the more reflective we become. We look back at the goals we wrote down, or if you’re like me the scripture I wanted to build my year around and think either: “Yes, Lord, we did it,” or “Lord, I wish I did better.” Whichever you’re currently feeling, you look to the next year and think of what you’ll be doing differently, with a vim that exclaims that this year is your year!  It’s easy to not realise that starting a new year with a determined attitude is equally as important as ending the previous year with a renewed mind-set. Many...

  • Going Through Life Alone

    Inner Musings

    Isn’t it a blessing that we don’t have to work things out alone? That we don’t have to figure out trials, the future or even the consequences of our sin by ourselves? But that instead, we can go through it with the help of our Almighty Father.