Dear Beloved… Trust

Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved…

It is time that you truly understood that I am your God… I am the beginning and the end, the overseer of absolutely everything. I have chosen you, redeemed you and planned your path – you are Mine. Today I woke you up, I provided for you and kept you safe… Beloved, what possible reason do you have not to trust Me?

All you can see right now is what is right in front of you, but I can see the full picture. I see you coming out of this season, I see everything working together for your good, and I see you overcoming everything that you’re currently battling with – so trust Me. Trust that I know the bigger plan and that it is My plan that will prevail. Rest on Me throughout every season, keeping your mind wholly fixed on Me. Do not lean on your own understanding or the reasoning of others, but trust in Me with all your heart. I am your God.

Not trusting Me will only lead you into an abyss of self-inflicted worry and stress. You’ll stop relying on Me and begin trying to work life out yourself – this will only cause your heart to become troubled.Do you not realise that I do not forsake those who seek Me? So place your trust in My unfailing and steadfast love.

Beloved, do you believe Me when I say I know the plans I have for you? Do you relentlessly hold on to My Word and promises, accepting them as the faultless, trustworthy truths that they are? If you truly do, then you’d be at peace – for those who set their minds on Me, and trust Me, have promised peace. If rest is what you desire then trust Me and accept My word over your life. You are My Beloved, you are close to My heart – don’t fret, just trust Me.

Prayer | Lord, help me to stop calculating my life as if you didn’t exist. Instead, help me to trust You.


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    You are truly a blessed person. Love you

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      Thank you, Katie. You are also blessed and are a blessing xx

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    I really like your website. Please post more. So inspiring

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