Finding Purpose in 2018

The Journey

It’s usually when I’m tucking my son in at night that he asks me what his purpose is. Sam has been asking me this question for the last year or so, “How will I know my purpose?” he protests as if to say I’m his maker. “How do you know yours? Okay, so when will I know mine?” And the questions go on. He hopes to be an inventor and to go to countries to help people with his inventions – it’s pretty sweet; he’s only seven. I liken my son to many of us Christians; in our heads we have told ourselves that we have this one huge purpose that we’ve been called to fulfil; this one task that we’ve been ordained for. Yes, we are God’s workmanship created to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do, and yes, He does know the plans He has for us, but we need to change the way we view purpose and our calling.

My son and I were discussing purpose a few nights ago and I simply told him, “Sam, every day that you’re on this earth serves a purpose. Find your purpose in everything you do and every place that you’re in.” I say this as our purpose isn’t a destination – our purpose is lived out daily. When you’re being Christ-like and doing justly, loving mercy and walking humbly, you’re living your purpose. You’re touching the lives of those close to you, serving those who God places on your path and sowing seeds in the hearts on those who need it most. Then, as you follow Him daily, daily saying “Here I am. Send me,” He places more into your hands – more opportunities to serve and be used by Him.

You’ve been called to be faithful, with both the big and the small. So stop seeking the big – the glorious title or ministry or mission, and instead know that where you are right now, that office, that school, that position, and even your home, has purpose within it. In serving Him in where you are placed, you’re living out your purpose.

Prayer | Father, help me to seek your will in each day that you give to me. May I be faithful in being Chirst-like, and be more concern with that than finding an all glistening ‘purpose’

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