He Doesn’t Have to Heal You

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“The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them..” Genesis 3:21

Let’s say you enter into a relationship without seeking God first or considering this person’s faith, and after giving your all, it ends after a few years. Being that this relationship was one God didn’t want you to be in you’re left feeling broken; you’ve lost your joy, your happy-go-lucky spirit, your smile and your trust. Honestly speaking, you’re feeling less ‘together’ than when you entered the relationship and… pretty bitter. But since we’re being honest it’s fair to say that there is no innocent party in your pain. You decided to take your life into your own hands, thus stepping outside of God’s will and into what your flesh desired.

But now you’re here, and it bluddy hurts. Your relationship with your Father suffered over the years but you’re crying that God heals you; restores you and redeems your past even though your pain is self-inflicted. Can I ask… why should He step in? Why should He redeem the years that you wasted or heal the pain that your lack of trust in Him caused?


Well, let me remind you of what happened in Eden once Adam and Eve stepped out of His will – like you did. Yes, there were repercussion of sin, but He also covered them. Shame and guilt covered them after their act of rebellion, a shame so heavy that they hid from God. This sin caused them to see their nakedness and at this point God could have cursed them, turned them away and left them wearing a leaf ( their own attempt to cover their shame ) but He didn’t. He covered their-self inflicted guilt and shame by slaughtering another one of His creations all because He loved them.

God didn’t have to do that. Neither does He have to heal your broken heart, redeem your squandered years and perfect you during the process, but He does. We make mistakes, we step outside of God’s will, but in all of this He will still help you get through the consequences of your choices – that’s grace. He will still cover and heal you, even when you’ve gone against His word.

“I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten.” Joel 2:25


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    When I read this, wow is the first thought that popped into my mind because it is so true! Gods’ love for us has no limits and no bounds. Crazy that I’m reading this on Valentine’s Day! So fitting.

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      Totally true, Chidi! His love for us is truly amazing, x

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