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The Journey

I really do love the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s the perfect week to reflect, write and prepare yourself and your heart for another God given blessing. To be honest, I’m loving it even more this year as I’m off from work! (Sorry if you’re not!) Earlier on this month we had our end of year brunch and this year we focused on seasons and redemption.

Here are a few quotes from our two speakers Shakirat and Susan:


“Understanding redemption will bring purpose to your life.”

“Do you want your heart in that area to be changed or are you just looking to change your behaviour?”



“Be in the season. Be in the moment. It won’t come around again.”

“The waiting season doesn’t have to be bad, especially when we know that God is in control.”

“In those hard seasons, when you think it really can’t get any worse, will you still be committed to God?”


As we reach the end of the year I wanted to thank everyone who has read with or been involved with Ladies of Substance book club. It’s been a great year – from relaunching our site, starting the RLGCampaign, and reading some fantastic books (The Shack, A Promise Kept and Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World to name a few). I’m honestly so excited for what 2017 will bring, but most importantly I’m looking forward to fellowshipping with you all – reading, learning and growing together.

I hope you have a beautiful time welcoming in the new year! I pray you allow your 2017 to be exactly what God wants it to be – trust Him, no matter what His will includes. May He find us faithful.



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