Three Words That Change Everything

The Journey

I assume we’re all aware of how powerful our words can be? The Bible likens our words to a small fire which has the ability to set a whole forest ablaze. Words have the ability to shape you and once said can linger for years past the second it took to say them. They have the ability to shape our thinking, our perceptions, our decisions and our convictions – cut short, the words we hear and hold on to can be a catalyst to a whole lot. But that point is extremely important – it’s the words that we hold on to that have a lasting effect and can change everything.

God loves you.

I can imagine thousands of God’s children hearing those three words and kindly smiling at the bearer of good news, briefly acknowledging it, but with an air of familiarity not allowing those three words to truly sink in. You’ve heard it so many times that you nod, smile and keep it moving. But can I ask, have you truly grasped what it means to be loved by God?

Yes? Yet you live a life riddled with worry, fear and condemnation. If we’re truthful about it, you’ve placed the words “God loves you” on a shelf, acknowledged that it’s great, but haven’t allowed it to change your heart.

I look at the Roxy from our last book club read, Return to Me, and see how she was pursued by those three words, and albeit being unable to understand them at first, when she finally did, everything changed.

But what does the change in your life look like? Are you living loved? Does every day carry with it a peace, a confidence, a fearlessness that proclaims that you need not fear, you need not worry, you need not allow the enemy to condemn you because He loves you?

It’s become a habit of mine to take a moment and repeat those words to myself whenever I begin feeling overwhelmed by life, or scared of a situation. Not for the sake of mere repetition, or a chant, but for it to sink in and break into the darkness that is attempting to cloud my vision. He loves me so I know I can face what is before me. He loves me so I know that He will go through this with me. He loves me so I know that He has forgiven me. Do you see what I’m getting at? Grasping that He loves you is how you lived loved. A boldness rises up and like a shield protecting your mind and heart you hold up, ‘God loves me’.

You’re not just loved by someone, you’re loved by The One.

These three words go further than changing your attitude towards how you face life, they also help you realise your identity. I’m late to the game but Housefires are my new favourite band! And their song Good Father is one of the most meaningful and beautiful songs I have ever heard. There’s one line within the song that really makes my heart fill with glee, it goes ‘…and I’m loved by You, that’s who I am.’ Selah. You’re someone who is loved by God! Oh how beautiful it is to be the recipient of the love from the most faithful, powerful and just being!

It was my beautiful sister Vicky who brought the term ‘Live Loved’ to my attention and it’s something I have held close to my heart. It means to live life knowing who you’re loved by and to understand what it truly means to have Him love you.  Live Loved means to face every moment of every day, every season of your lifetime knowing that God loves you and that you are loved by God. I pray that we all find our peace and our identity in this truth.

Prayer | Father, please pursue me and cloak me in your love. May your love for me embolden me and increase my faith in You.

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