Will He Guide Me?

The Journey

He takes my hand and I follow Him. Only able to see a part of the path before me, I keep my heart in tune with His spirit and His word at the front of my mind. I tell my soul that He is guiding me. I am in His will; His presence; His best for me. I fear not because the I AM that I AM, the Alpha and the Omega, the great Shepherd, has a will and He is faithful to ensure that His will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

His spirit soothes my soul in reminding me that I can negate anxious thoughts of 2017. I see no reason in fretting as I am not going through life alone, but through Christ I am accompanied by the One who created the heavens, the earth and all the days. The guidance that I experience isn’t a loud booming voice behind me which exclaims go this way and that, but it is a strong peace within my heart which exhales His faithfulness and assurance with each and every step that I take.

Partner with Him, beloved, and trust that He is guiding you.

Do you believe that God has a plan for your days? That before you breathed your first breath, He had already seen the day when you will breath your last? That in His sovereignty, He’s aware of every day in between?  That He’s not just watching you live, but that He’s the One who holds the master plan for your life and in His grace will continue to redirect you back onto the right path?

I believe it and if you’re struggling to believe it for yourself I hope this encourages you…

We go to many things and people for guidance. I read books. I’ve read books on breaking habits, on relationships, on fear and on being a godly woman. We go to friends and family; we hope that others have experienced our current circumstances and can offer advice or an antidote. We hope, we seek but do we pray? If there is anyone who is truly qualified to guide us it’s our Father. It’s only Him who hold our times in His hands and remains faithful to us even when we’re only committed to what our flesh desires. Bound in unending love, it’s our Father who works all things together for our good and His glory like a thoroughly thought-out tapestry.


When I begin to worry about the progress I’m making in life or about my future I am comforted by the truth that God has a plan and is aware of it in its entirety. He knows when he’ll give me the thing I’m praying for or when He’ll provide me with something better; He knows when I’ll leave my current job and be found in another; and He also knows when healing and restoration will come. This knowledge should take the weight of uncertainty from your shoulders, because you may not know when certain things will come, but He does. Just as God knew the plans that He had for the Israelites, He also knows the plans He has for you.

You may not know but He knows.

Known as the Good Shepherd we can never negate that He wishes to guide us. It may not be the loud audible voice that you expect to hear but it’s there. That uncomfortable feeling that knots your stomach when you’re about to say something you shouldn’t, the nudge in your heart that prompts you to apologise, the conviction in your soul that leads you home – that’s all Him. Beloved, let’s resolve to not oppose Him. Sometimes, as I have learnt, God’s guidance may be a closed door or the sting of rejection. It’s easy to use everything in your power to forge your own path but even in discipline He is guiding you.

So acknowledge Him in all of your ways and seek Him with all of your heart. Seek for peace with every decision you make and trust that His Spirit will guide you into all truth. It’s foolish to say that we don’t know what pleases God – we know. We know but we choose to disobey. Choose to obey and in doing so you’ll be following His guidance. And even when His spirit and your flesh are discordant, submit to the one who sees your tomorrow from your today.

Prayer: Father, help us to believe that you have a plan for every season of our lives; that every day is in your hands, and that you will guide us as we seek you.

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