You Too Can Touch the Hem

The Journey

I was half listening to a sermon the other day whilst sat at my desk at work and the Pastor said, “You too can touch the hem of His garment.” Albeit the majority of everything else he was saying going over my head that one line really stuck out and led me to ponder over how sometimes we feel like we’re not able to reach out to Christ like other Christians. Perhaps we feel that even if we reached out he won’t heal us (physically, emotionally or mentally) like He has healed others surrounding us. Or maybe we feel that if we reach out He won’t draw close to us and wrap us in His love and comfort like He has done for others. Surely it’s not just me who has felt this way?

You Too Can Touch the Hem

I recall the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years, she was laying on the floor overlooked by so many, but she reached out and touched him and he responded to her. These 12 years of bleeding can be symbolic in our lives – it could represent years of being away from the Lord, years of being tied to a habitual sin or years of portraying that you’re a strong independent woman when underneath you’re broken. Whatever your ‘12 years of bleeding’ is you too can reach out and be certain that He will respond and in turn heal you.

Did you know that Christ’s chief aim wasn’t to give physical healing to man in a number of miracles but to restore man’s relationship with God? Beloved, you too can have a relationship with Him – you too can reach out and be redeemed from your past and have your relationship with Him restored. So be encouraged that you too are special in His eyes and you too can be restored by Him. Just like the woman at the well, reach out and touch the hem of His garment.

Prayer | Thank you that I am able to reach out to you and be certain that in you love and faithfulness you will respond.

You Too Can Touch the Hem

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